"Paralysis By Analysis"

What's the use of having a million dollars worth of game in your mind if you have a minimum wage work ethic? Paralysis by analysis is the difference between you boss'n up on a check and you staying broke. In this episode, I give seven steps to break paralysis by analysis so you can conquer your goals.

"The Darkside of Hustlin'"

A lot of times when you listen to rappers, they glorify the streets, but most will never show you the darkside of hustlin'. Never forget, the streets will forever be undefeated.  In this episode, I breakdown five ways you can invest in yourself in order to prosper without the illegal bullshit.

"Everything Is Temporary"

As a hustla with heavy ambition, you are going to have to realize that your journey to your success will not yield everyone around you. The sooner you realize that nothin' lasts foreva, the better you will be. In this episode, I break down seven proverbs to realizing that all in your life is temporary. 


The most successful people in this world have to sacrifice a lot more than the average person.  In order for you to acquire any ascension in your life, you must be willing to make a lot more sacrifices that most people are not willing to do.  In this episode, I break down 8 steps to making your sacrifices easier in order to continue to ascend in your life.