I want to thank you (first and foremost) for visiting KevinHatesHipHop.com. I wanted to introduce what I am doing here at Kevin Hates Hip-Hop and why I am recording the podcast. I personally felt like there was not a voice from my standpoint in life being portrayed in media at all; the standpoint of a young  introspective and street smart black male. I wanted to create my own personal diary for the entire world to see where I created different chapters of my life through the medium of podcasting. Kevin Hates Hip-Hop as a podcast is the foundation for what is to come from this medium. I am going to give you that solid game every single week! From different episodes of subject matters about health & fitness to music to even spirituality, Kevin Hates Hip-Hop is here to give you solid advice and game every single episode. Make sure to sign up on the newsletter to stay in tune with everything we have going on at Kevin Hates Hip-Hop. Thank you!