Mick Betancourt

Last week, I was interviewed on my favorite podcast, "The Mick Betancourt Show." Mick's podcast (in essence) is a huge reason why I started taking the podcasting world a lot more serious. The first episode I heard of Mick's show was in April and ever since then, I was inspired to keep making my podcast as honest and real as possible. I already have been an extremely blunt dude for the majority of my life; my podcast, "Kevin Hates Hip-Hop" is something that I see growing into a tremendous force over the next few years. For anyone reading this, please do take out the time to listen to this episode of "The Mick Betancourt Show" I was on and comment below your thoughts of the episode. I will be dropping another episode of "Kevin Hates Hip-Hop" tomorrow since I am traveling today for the holiday week. All of you please do have a great and safe Thanksgiving holiday week! 

Click the link to hear the episode: