Daily Album: Day Two

  With the bullshit going on with cops walking from killing Mike Brown in Ferguson to the cop killing the Brotha in NYC with an illegal chokehold and getting off, today I am angry as fuck! I am not surprised by the bullshit that's going on right now with cops getting off from killing black males; it's all in the plan to stage a race war. I read about all this shit ten years ago in college. For the anger blacks feel in this fuck ass country today, I listen to Makaveli.

   Turn off the reality shows and look at the state of the world you live in. Research these things: MK Ultra, COINTELPRO, subjective thinking, cultural appropriation, King Alfred Plan, etc. Get off the bullshit; this is not the time to be complacent with the bullshit. Open up your eyes because right now is exactly what I read about ten years ago - the race war is here. Martial law is here.