"Group Economics II: The New Black Wall Street" #KevinHatesHipHop

This is my 100th episode! It's a trip to believe that I started this podcast almost two years from now.  To see what it has become over the course of its two year existence has been tremendously rewarding knowing that I am of service to people helping them with subjects and trials within their lives.  I appreciate every single one of you for every time you retweet, tweet, like, heart, love, share and even talk to people about this podcast! I appreciate you!

This episode is a part of a two part series that I entitled, "Group Economics" (released in Spring 2015). This episode is entitled, "Group Economics II: The New Black Wall Street" where I give a history lesson on what & where the original "Black Wall Street" was. Also, I chop it up about where the new "Black Wall Street" will be located. Another game-filled episode for you to check out!