ZoWhat! Morning Show

I have been listening to this brotha for the past few months and I am truly inspired by the topics he teaches through his medium of his radio show/podcast. Between Zo William's "ZoWhat! AM Show" and Tariq Nasheed's "Tariq Elite Radio Show," I am inspired every week with some new knowledge. Do yourself a favor and check out Zo's new episode below:

Ep. 47 - The Art of Mentorship

In this episode, I discussed five elements on why mentorship is the most powerful tool in changing someone's life.  From the years I have had of just choppin' game at cats, I did not realize that I was indeed a mentor.  I received a DM from a young man in Georgia last week saying how my podcast has helped him with some of the decisions that he has made in his life. Whenever anyone says anything like that, it shows me that Kevin Hates HipHop is working! The main thing that I wanted to get across with my podcast is to enlighten young brothas & sistas of the many values of the world-at-large beyond the mundane bullshit they are taught on a daily basis.  I want to give cats game on everything that relates to me - mentorship has definitely been truly beneficial to my life in general.  Check out the latest episode and make sure to share this with everyone you know! Thanks for your time!