"The Commodity of The Black Body"

A commodity is a raw good that can be imported and exported to create wealth. The black body has been a commodity to create generation wealth for many whites for hundreds of years. I breakdown the different ways that black people have been a commodity to the dominant society even to this day.  This episode of "Kevin Hates Hip-Hop" is brought you by our sponsor:

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"The Intuitive Mind"

Your intuition is a whisper in a loud world of chaos. There are many signs you must follow in order to know whether you are being directed by your intuitive mind or not. In this episode, I give the red flags of not following your intuition, and I also give signs that you are following your intuition in the right direction.  

"A Hustla's Poison IV: Jealousy"

To continue the "A Hustla's Poison" series, this episode is about how jealousy can be toxic to your progression in life.  I give you four steps to raise your frequency at a higher level in order to be the most successful you can be.  This episode of "Kevin Hates Hip-Hop" is brought you by our sponsors:

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